Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out on Pinterest

7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out on PinterestPinterest is best known for pinning recipes that never get made, workouts that never get done and thousands of darn good quotes. But it’s also become a great place for marketers to pin videos. Unlike that “1000 push-ups in 10 days” pin, these videos are actually being viewed.
According to a study, video is the most engaging form of visual content on Pinterest, so it’s important that you use it to your business’s advantage. Here are seven genius ways to make your video stand out and drive traffic on Pinterest.
1. Make a Great Thumbnail
The thumbnail is what people will see first and if you don’t use something eye-catching, people might jump right past you. Remember, Pinterest is a visual site, not a text-based site. Try out your thumbnail on others and ask them how engaging they find it.
2. Include “Pin This” Calls to Action
The point of pinning a video to Pinterest is to help it go viral, so make sure you’re encouraging your audience to spread the word. Use annotations on your web site with “pin this” calls to action that will encourage people who watch the video to pin it to their own site. That way, you may reach an audience who wouldn’t have otherwise come to your site.
3. Use the Description Field Wisely
Make sure that you take advantage of Pinterest’s 200-character description field in order to make a full accounting of what goes on in your video. This will optimize the chances that your video is found in a search and increase the likelihood people will actually watch. For instance, if 12 Keys — a Florida alcohol and drug recovery center, wanted to promote a video on rural vs. urban drug use, it would include some of the relevant stats from the video rather than just stating “This video is about rural vs. urban drug use.”
4. Repin Other People’s Videos
This may sound confusing since you’re trying to make your own video go viral, but bear with me. When you repin others’ videos, you’re participating in the social network aspect of Pinterest and not just promoting yourself. Pinterest likes this. The site is more likely to recommend your pins to others and that will help your own video’s potential audience grow.
5. Sponsor a Contest
Yes, contests remain the way to go on Pinterest. They grab attention and they’re a great way to encourage people to look at your content. The social media site has a number of rules you must follow about contests, so make sure that you read them over thoroughly before you try to set up your own. You should encourage people to repin your video as part of the contest, in order to build your reach. Also, make sure the contest is fairly easy to navigate; you’ll lose your potential audience if you make it too complicated.
6. Make Videos Short and Sweet
There’s nothing worse than a video that drones on and on. Remember, in the online world, shorter is better when it comes to video. Don’t take three minutes to say something that could be said in 30 seconds. Instead, work with a tight script and have a clear goal in mind for your video. The sharper your points, the more likely people are to actually retain them.
7. Quality Matters the Most
Above all, make sure your video is high quality. If it looks like someone shot it in the warehouse on their iPhone, no one will want to watch. Spend time making the best video you can before you start promoting it on Pinterest. 

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